Connect My Mind

Towards a more autonomous future

negative attitudes, physical constraint and challenges accessing necessary supports can limit opportunities of individuals with disabilities to find work, study, socialise and be involved in community life

working together

Tailoring our supports to suit their unique needs and life goals.

Developing a sense of ourselves as an empowered and autonomous human being will:

  • Set and achieve goals to improve your life,
  • Find relief from negative feelings and thoughts,
  • Reduce the impact of anxiety and depression,
  • Find new tools and techniques for coping with challenges,
  • Develop better techniques to cope with everyday tasks to increase your independence within the community, work and family, and
  • Improve your social skills to develop and enhance your relationships.

Working Together.

Partnering with your NDIS providers to provide a holistic approach so you can reach your goals and live a fulfilling life of independence and social inclusion. 

Payment options. 

Providing services for Self-Managed and Plan-Managed NDIS and HCP funding. Rebated Medicare* and private payment ‘as you go’ 60-minute sessions is also offered.


ways to communicate.

Live chat.