Connect My Mind

Stop, Reassess, Self-Discover

Online counselling support: anywhere, anytime, any device.

A perfect blend of human and digital support. Connect your happy.

At Connect My Mind, we provide a safe, judgment-free space to help you set and achieve clear, realistic goals for your mental well-being.


While occasional worry is normal, excessive, uncontrolled worry can significantly impact your overall well-being.

what we do.

Confidential support from any device.

We offer accessible counselling support from any device on the one confidential platform. Developing a sense of ourselves as an empowered and autonomous human being will allow you to become more productive at work, to have more fulfilling relationships and overall be happy.

Complete security of personal information.

All information is kept completely secure using medical grade encryption and military security.

Payment options.

Offering both rebated Medicare* and private payment ‘as you go’ 60 minute sessions.

*GP referral required.

Connect My Mind is not a crisis support line. If you have intentions of harming yourself or others or you are in danger, please call 000 or lifeline on 13 11 14 straight away.

ways to communicate.

Live chat.